Monday, 4 October 2010


Well it really has changed this weather now, lots of rain most days with the odd nice day like it is today bright but cold,
With this cold snap coming quicker than I'm ready for i have been busy trying to make quick quilts, even tho i have a lot to learn with quilting and really could do with finding a local group which i have tried to do but not within easy reach for me, Maybe good to start one up but as I'm a learner in quilting would need someone who can quilt great to help run a group, Any ideas be welcome for this or if you know anyone from my area who could help.
Done some work also on my Angel of hope later i will add some photo`s of what i have done later,

Plans also for changing my lounge round, the fireplace is in a bad place where ever someone sits on sofa it cant no be seen, and when the fire lights are on its nice to see them rather than turn heads to look, so moving it to the other side of the room,
I also did a brave thing few weeks ago, joined a date site, i feel ready to find happieness hopefully with mr right,


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your quilts.

Karen said...

Good luck with your plans to change the lounge around. It's always fun to try out different furniture arrangements.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Have fun chaging your lounge room around!
Lisa ʚϊɞ