Friday, 29 October 2010

Just a bit more

In to the second week of my 2 half term, they have a extra week as they have been building a new school next door to the one they are at, so now this school is ready the school has taken this half term plus a extra week to move all items out of old into the new, Moving house is stress full i wonder what stress they have doing all the school stuff,
The new building does look great and hope it all runs well when they go back to school.

And just a little up-date of the x-stitch i have worked on this week Little china,

Yesterday had a bad day with it, kept un-picking a section over and over again, might be due to my eyes being tired as i was up at a very early time that day way to early in fact 3am and for no true reason just could not sleep, but in the end after a few attempts to get it right it was working much better,
And just a little bit more done on the xmas angel, still like to get this done before xmas as like to make it into a wall hanging,

No fabric sewing at all this week due to hands still sore and when kids are at home cant sit for long near the machine, have more time when they are at school or out for the day,

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My few days,

The before picture of Little China before i spend some time on it over next few days.
The Christmas angel over half done now on this,

My week has been a good one with my cross-stitching and fabric sewing, one good thing i found was some good sheets that will be ideal as backing for my quilt tops, all was double sized from our local charity shop,

Have done a lot on the Christmas angel, going to give this a rest for few days due to working on little china for a while it was nice to get it out after a long time away,
Some of you know i get bad hands and this cold weather does not help them much at all, i have found it painful just to do simple jobs and to drive car well that's very much i cant do till they are bit better, the good thing is i can sew as that's mostly using my finger tips, using sewing machine is also good as it does all the work, still struggle with holding scissors thou,

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Wish

There is many times we all like to have a list of x-stitch charts we like to have or a patchwork/quilt design pattern , i have decided to add a new blog to my list with some pictures of x-stitch charts i love to own in the future ,

Pop along to have a look you might like them too,
Click on the link below to visit,

x : )

Monday, 18 October 2010

Just a small finish .

Just a small finish to show you today, The Somebunny will be going to Jane`s charity group , and the love heart square not sure what will happen to this yet , still in its early days,
No big news really at this moment its been a lazy day for me trying to take some relaxing time off, i may be here for a while instead of my Facebook page,
Happy stitching everyone,

Saturday, 16 October 2010

What i have done

Tulip cushion

Well most of last week we had some great weather, and on the Tuesday and Wednesday i had 2 trips out on a date, and the other days was just normal doing the usual things at home and lots of sewing in-between,

more done on the Angel of hope,

More done on the xmas angel,

This one will be for charity.
May make this owl into a cushion or add it to a quilt, not sure yet,

Quilt top made for a quilt

Monday, 11 October 2010

My sewing corner

The kitchen angel i did ages ago, and the new xmas angel

My sewing space in the corner of my bedroom,

I have had a great few days doing more sewing than anything else , so no major news really,
Had a tidy up of my sewing corner, it never stays tidy for long, plus started a small xmas stitch a xmas angel, i did the kitchen angel last year but now wanted to do the xmas angel, i hope to get it done and made into a wall hanging in time for xmas.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Yesterday was my 41st Birthday,

Just wanted to share with you what Callum and Savannah got me ,

Savannah got me the photo frames with picture of them in, one school uniform other in normal enjoying time on there bikes.

Callum got me some fabric and a real of cotton which i very much needed.

I had a very relaxing day with plenty of x-stitch done on the Angel of Hope, My mum cooked tea for us all so ended the nice day,

Monday, 4 October 2010


Well it really has changed this weather now, lots of rain most days with the odd nice day like it is today bright but cold,
With this cold snap coming quicker than I'm ready for i have been busy trying to make quick quilts, even tho i have a lot to learn with quilting and really could do with finding a local group which i have tried to do but not within easy reach for me, Maybe good to start one up but as I'm a learner in quilting would need someone who can quilt great to help run a group, Any ideas be welcome for this or if you know anyone from my area who could help.
Done some work also on my Angel of hope later i will add some photo`s of what i have done later,

Plans also for changing my lounge round, the fireplace is in a bad place where ever someone sits on sofa it cant no be seen, and when the fire lights are on its nice to see them rather than turn heads to look, so moving it to the other side of the room,
I also did a brave thing few weeks ago, joined a date site, i feel ready to find happieness hopefully with mr right,