Friday, 8 October 2010


Yesterday was my 41st Birthday,

Just wanted to share with you what Callum and Savannah got me ,

Savannah got me the photo frames with picture of them in, one school uniform other in normal enjoying time on there bikes.

Callum got me some fabric and a real of cotton which i very much needed.

I had a very relaxing day with plenty of x-stitch done on the Angel of Hope, My mum cooked tea for us all so ended the nice day,


Lesleyanne said...

Happy Birthday. Love what the children got you. Lovely progress on your WIP.

Tracey said...

they being typical teenagers at mo, Lesleyanne

Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tracey! The pictures your Savannah gave you are lovely and it was very thoughtful of your son to get you fabric!

Micki said...

Happy Birthday! What nice things you got!
Hope you enjoyed your day!

Laila L S said...

Happy belated birthday!Hope you enjoyed you day. Nice and thoughtful gifts from your kids. Have a nice week-end.