Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My few days,

The before picture of Little China before i spend some time on it over next few days.
The Christmas angel over half done now on this,

My week has been a good one with my cross-stitching and fabric sewing, one good thing i found was some good sheets that will be ideal as backing for my quilt tops, all was double sized from our local charity shop,

Have done a lot on the Christmas angel, going to give this a rest for few days due to working on little china for a while it was nice to get it out after a long time away,
Some of you know i get bad hands and this cold weather does not help them much at all, i have found it painful just to do simple jobs and to drive car well that's very much i cant do till they are bit better, the good thing is i can sew as that's mostly using my finger tips, using sewing machine is also good as it does all the work, still struggle with holding scissors thou,


Wendy said...

If you're struggling with scissors, have you tried the spring loaded scissors? You don't put your fingers in holes, they are just "bars" which you squeeze together. I think they are decoupage scissors.

Lesleyanne said...

Little China is looking great. Lovely progress on your Christmas Angel.

Linda Stubbs said...

Sweet little CHRISTMas Angel! Thank you so for coming over to my blog!.

So sorry about your hands.......I will pray!

So nice to come over to your blog! Blessings sweet friend, Linda

Ginnie said...

Loving the Christmas Angel. x