Wednesday, 10 March 2010

9 patch

Its been a great week here with the weather cold and frosty most morning but the days have been very sunny,
Good news and sad news today,

Good news im getting more sewing done just cant show you any pictures for a while.
I may not be able to add pictures for a while due to me losing the wire connection for the camera , no pictures of what I'm doing for a bit but in time i can add at a later date.,
Last week i started a 9 patch quilt top with a Navy blue border edging at moment its a small lap quilt size and growing slowly,
spent some time on my hexi quilt too that's going very well now all hand sewn which i do find very relaxing .
Not done much with my cross-stitch for a while with the better weather and brighter days i be able to sit and spend time on this.

Sad news,
A Early post said we took a rescue dog in called Jack well sadly we had to give him up plus all the other pets we had, they was not helping my hands and since then my hands have been much better still sore in places,

Take care