Friday, 29 October 2010

Just a bit more

In to the second week of my 2 half term, they have a extra week as they have been building a new school next door to the one they are at, so now this school is ready the school has taken this half term plus a extra week to move all items out of old into the new, Moving house is stress full i wonder what stress they have doing all the school stuff,
The new building does look great and hope it all runs well when they go back to school.

And just a little up-date of the x-stitch i have worked on this week Little china,

Yesterday had a bad day with it, kept un-picking a section over and over again, might be due to my eyes being tired as i was up at a very early time that day way to early in fact 3am and for no true reason just could not sleep, but in the end after a few attempts to get it right it was working much better,
And just a little bit more done on the xmas angel, still like to get this done before xmas as like to make it into a wall hanging,

No fabric sewing at all this week due to hands still sore and when kids are at home cant sit for long near the machine, have more time when they are at school or out for the day,


Shellie said...

Both are looking gorgeous Tracey xxx

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on both of your projects.

Always smiling said...

Hi Tracey

Blog hopped from Karen and love that Christmas Angel, so cute!
And I love the photo of your home town, I was born and grew up in a sea side town in South Wales, so love the sea.
Presently I live in Coventry, but this week we are in my house in Essex, a lovely little town which after living there for 37 year call home.
Happy stitching
Chris x