Monday, 27 July 2009

School Holidays

Well its the 1st week of the school holiday`s, no plans to go away but hopefully have some great days having fun,
Catching up on my garden is one job for me this next few weeks, got loads of plants too move around, wanting to make space for a small fruit and veg patch,
Love life is still going well,

Hope to get more done on that blue quilt i was doing a few weeks ago its been on hold but now need to restart it,
My rooster is almost done just the back stitch to do.
Take care all

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2nd Border

Thankyou to all who has e-mailed me with get well to Callum, he is doing ok his temp has gone down but still very unwell , It always takes longer for Callum to get better than the rest of us when we are unwell.

I did this second border few days ago but with whats happened not had time to take a photo and tell you about it, I`m keeping to same colours for this whole quilt top, the second border has just 2 of the colours i used, so the next border will be just the plain light blue.
Mum says i should keep to just adding the last plain blue border,
What do you think ?
If i did add other border was thinking of flying geese pattern strip.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Thankyou Mel

Wow Mel, Thankyou so much,
A while ago Mel from melsownplace had a draw and i was very lucky to be one of the winners,
My wonderful gift arrived today, and what a treat i had when i opened it up, Just look at the great Autumn fabric, i shall enjoy looking for the right pattern for this fabric, some great buttons and as you can see other wonderful bits and bobs, love the triangle pattern too,
Thankyou again Mel, a true friend,

Pc fixed and Callum

What a few day`s i have had,
Some of you may know ( from my old blog ) that Callum has had some health worries in the past due to a common cold giving him kidney failure in 2004 with a result of spending time at the kidney unit at Nottingham Hospital, well a few months ago he had a check up and was given 99% clear and next test he be due they may take him of there books as he was doing so well ,
Well yesterday morning Callum woke up not too well, cough and sore throat as there is alot of this flu going around at moment i got a bit worried, phoned doctor to be on safe side, well he has just got back and they say he has not got the flu but a very bad cold, fingers crossed he gets well very soon,

My pc is fixed, it was just a silly little problem that was fixed with in minutes so im back on line,

Take care all,

Monday, 13 July 2009

Pc Problem``s

Just a quick message due to my PC playing me up again , I'm very limited what i can do on it at moment, so please bare with me till i get this problem sorted, if you need to chat to me try my e-mail addy and i hope i will be able to get back to you at some point, fingers crossed all be ok soon.

Take care all.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lazy afternoon stitching

After a busy weekend i have spent a few hours enjoying this new x-stitch chart, while looking in my stash of mag`s, came across these sweet little chicken and cockerel from the Cross stitch Collection April issue magazine , so here it is so far,

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Friday, 10 July 2009

Birthday giveaway

Pop along to visit Ryan`s blog here and wish Ryan happy birthday wishes, Ryan has some wonderful fabric prizes , here is just one that is in for the giveaway. some nice 30`s fabric

Good luck to you all,

Afternoon stitching

Yesterday i was cutting up squares ready for this quilt I'm working on now, Since yesterday this is what i have done this afternoon, not following a pattern so building layer`s as i go,Hoping to keep this to a blue shades quilt, maybe with a dash of white added in.

This part is the main center now I'm ready to think of the next section to go around this may do a plain strip border 1st then add a design strip of some sort of design next,

I also have some un-finished projects which need to be looked at i will show you in the next post i do what they are.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bag done, and a new idea

Last night added the bag handles to the bag Savannah wanted me to make her, i think now it looks much better as a bag than the quilt design i had planed for it,

She is so frilled with it it has been everywhere with her since last night even had to hang it on the back of the chair while we had breakfast.

Yesterday after a little tidy up of my fabric i sorted some pale blue fabric and some printed fabric, I have a idea in my mind what i will do with this so far just cutting out some squares, and see how i go from there,

Take care all,


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sherri from aquiltinglife giveaway

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She has some wonderful things and a great blog too,
Click her button link on my side bar,
Good luck to you all

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Well done Micki,

Sunday, 5 July 2009

100TH Giveaway

Pop along over to here for a great giveaway , Good luck to all.

Growing & a change

A long time ago i started a quilt with a flower pot design and yoyos for a border, but i was not truly very happy with this, so it just got put back to the pile and forgotten about, Other day did a bit of a sort out and had a re-think, so started by unpicking the yoyo squares then my daughter Savannah came in and said "can she have a bag made with it" , so off i went at making this up, adding a inner lining of pink fabric, now just got to add some sort of handles to it now.

One side of bag ( handles yet to add )

Other side of bag

Also you may remember from the hexagon group i was in i was working on a hexi`s lap quilt well this has been growing slowly but going well, am in need of some more fabric to use for it, trying not to use the same fabric twice on the colour bits,

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Some stitching at last

Its so nice to get back into my stitching again, I can`t remember when i last posted the charts I'm doing on my old blog but i did find in my files the pictures that i did so at least i can show you a past picture and up-date picture of where i am at now . Yesterday i spent most of my time on Angel of hope, and few days ago the Little china chart, not yet touched the Elephant maybe i will try that later. But can show you a bit of change to this .

After ( Cant yet find the Before picture of Little China , but its the orange flower and a bit of the light blue shade ,i have done since last time i did on my old blog )

I'm keen to spend more time on my fabric stitching too next week try to get my Hexagon`s quilt done a bit more and other fabric things more about this in later post .
Take care all,