Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pc fixed and Callum

What a few day`s i have had,
Some of you may know ( from my old blog ) that Callum has had some health worries in the past due to a common cold giving him kidney failure in 2004 with a result of spending time at the kidney unit at Nottingham Hospital, well a few months ago he had a check up and was given 99% clear and next test he be due they may take him of there books as he was doing so well ,
Well yesterday morning Callum woke up not too well, cough and sore throat as there is alot of this flu going around at moment i got a bit worried, phoned doctor to be on safe side, well he has just got back and they say he has not got the flu but a very bad cold, fingers crossed he gets well very soon,

My pc is fixed, it was just a silly little problem that was fixed with in minutes so im back on line,

Take care all,


Amanda said...

What a relief for you that Callum 'just' has a cold. I know most of the news reports say that the flu is generally very mild, but you can't help worrying when it's your own child can you.

Tracey said...

Thankyou Amanda, that means alot to me,

You take care,