Sunday, 5 July 2009

Growing & a change

A long time ago i started a quilt with a flower pot design and yoyos for a border, but i was not truly very happy with this, so it just got put back to the pile and forgotten about, Other day did a bit of a sort out and had a re-think, so started by unpicking the yoyo squares then my daughter Savannah came in and said "can she have a bag made with it" , so off i went at making this up, adding a inner lining of pink fabric, now just got to add some sort of handles to it now.

One side of bag ( handles yet to add )

Other side of bag

Also you may remember from the hexagon group i was in i was working on a hexi`s lap quilt well this has been growing slowly but going well, am in need of some more fabric to use for it, trying not to use the same fabric twice on the colour bits,


Shellie said...

One word Tracey

jan said...

Hi Tracey, I have put your new Blog on mine for all to find you again. lol Jan

Micki said...

Wow, Tracey! I have to get back to my hexagons. Your project is lovely, and I really enjoyed your blog. So glad that you have a new blog and I will throughly enjoy following it.

Jenny said...

Love the hexagons! I used to live in Bognor Regis many years ago and worked in Littlehampton! Love the beach there.

Angeliquez said...

Hi Tracey!

this is seriously so sweet!lucky girl Savannah!:-)

I'm so sorry about your old blog..
I'll add you to my blog list too hoping that it would help more people find you again!

lotsa love,