Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Whats happened

I do not like the new look of the start up of the blogger , taken me a while to find things again,  if it does get no easier i may just find a new web site to use a blog or give up and stick to facebook.

Anyone else having any problems or maybe advice

. XX


Annabelle said...

Blogger been playing up for a while - cannot get pics loaded and when I do they go in the wrong place. It is infuriating! I hate it when they change stuff as it takes forever to learn new techniques.

Bekca said...

Hi Tracey, thank you so much for following my blog!
My only advice would be to switch what internet programme you use. I use Google Chrome and it's no problem at all. Hope this helps!
Best wishes.

Tracey said...

Thankyou all for your comments, sorry its taken a while to get back, had a few hicups last few months , xxx