Monday, 28 November 2011

:( . So much going wrong

Times are not great but I'm sure things will get better, just home life is a strain few home personal things going off,

wont be posting much fabric sewing things for a while as my sewing machine is playing up , done all i can to it, cleaned it changed needle, oiled it, played with the tension , not sure what else i can do, but it keeps looping and not doing proper stitches , any idea be grateful as i miss doing sewing but feel no point as the stitch is not right and be a waste of time,
Good note i can still x-stitch and do my hexi quilt by hand.

I tend to update face book daily more than here so keep a eye on that if you don't see me here much,

Not long now for Christmas,

Have a fab day
Tracey xx


Lesleyanne said...

Hope things pick up for you soon Tracey.

Annabelle said...

Dear Tracey - I feel for you - hope life improves for you and your kids - please blog again soon and let us know you are OK. Just been through a dreadful illness myself and break away from my blog and know how much support blogland can give.