Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow and new x-stitch.

Lets start with some nice things,

Well i have been doing a little x-stitch when ever i can, had the odd day when i was not up to any x-stitch, but the bit i have done i have enjoyed,

Like to show you a new design i got few weeks back, Bald Eagle Portrait, i got this chart from a facebook friend of mine who has a web site where you can order some wonderful animal portraits from,
I liked the look of Marks , Bald Eagle so treated myself to it,
Im doing it on 16 count aida, it will look great when done,

You can visit Mark on my list of friends on my side bar or go to my facebook page he will be there too.

Well now for the other news, well im sure you all know Britain has had some snow, and i was not ready for it at all, i did not stock food up in time i had to wait till my monthly money went in 2 days after the snow which made it a night mare to get to shops,

Hope everyone is safe and warm , take care all,
x xx x


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new start.

Quilthaze said...

The snow looks very deep there. The eagle pattern looks great. Keep warm and enjoy the cross stitch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,

Great Blogg and thanks for sharing the Bald Eagle design progress.

I see you along with most of the UK had pleanty of snow, in Oxfordshire we had practically nothing, feeling a little cheated or should that be relieved LOL.

Have a great week,


Micki said...

Boy, you really got a lot of snow. Stay cozy and warm!