Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sewing space

Just like to say thank you for comments and the personal comments on my hands being so sore, at moment i have to carry on with creams till march when i have some patch test`s done to find out whats going on, it looks to me like it will be a long journey, today is a good day there not too bad maybe due to some tablets i have to take, One other thing I'm not aloud to do is any washing up or cleaning that's to do with water, other jobs OK as long as i use plenty of cream before & after.

Onto some sewing talk, well i like to show you my new sewing corner which Mick made for me just before Christmas but now is in more use, now that i have sorted all the things out in the right place.

Mick has still to put shelves up for me so all those boxes will be of the work top so then will have more space to cut and sew.

Also this is just some of the projects i have on-going the hexi quilt will take me the longest the one with all the 3 patch shape wave effect, the one with the round circle hexi quilt should be a quicker job,
The Chinese wall hanging is nearly done i hope to finish today just got the top ties to add on.

Have plenty of x-stitch on the go to i will show them at a later date,


clare's craftroom said...

Hi Tracey , I hope you went wellat the Drs and your hands are feeling better .

Lynne said...

Hi Tracey,
I sort of lost you after you made a comment on my blog. I'm not always very organised.
I'm sorry you're having trouble with your hands, I hope you see some improvement soon.
How is Jack settling in?
Two hexagon quilts, my you're brave! I must admit I have another two in my head, but daren't start another just yet. I have'nt seen the wave pattern made up before. Is the round one almost finished as it appears to have a border on it? They both look lovely.
I hope you're managing to get some sewing done.