Thursday, 23 June 2011


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I so need to

This is true i must spend more time on here, im doing a small x-stitch design today so will post up-date of it later then maybe that will get me going again as i have missed being here,
Take care all, chat soon, x x x

Getting ready

Getting Ready well that is the plan i hope,

After last winter months just gone when it was much colder and snow was the worse i have seen since i moved here 20 years ago, my plan for the next few months is to make lots of blankets , some will be for us and some for charity as i will carry on making the bits and bobs i make for charity groups, there has been more charity groups i like to help in the next few months some animal other more for people young and old,

As im not that great at quilting yet still got lot to learn i cant make the quilts for charity but send things towards them.

Im also going to learn how to crochet better as can only do the one kind of square which is in the picture. I will update more photos later , xxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Renishaw Hall, Classic Car/Bike show. and sewing week

Just a few photos but more can be found on my facebook page

What a week been getting back into stitching and now picking up my knitting hobby again after years of not knitted since my 2 was tiny,

Going to start small with the knitting till i get used to it so making some squares and go from there see how it goes,

Also done a charity square for Jane Jibb charity,

Yesterday had a great time out at the local Renishaw Hall car show, im very much a MG fan and Jeep fan , and my 4x4 .

x x x