Friday, 19 November 2010

Time for family

Hi All,

I have been stitching and doing some quilting but at moment i am not feeling up to much last few days,

My mum was taken ill wednesday nite and now in hospital, so hope you understand some times i need a bit of me time,

Some up-dates and news of what im up too will be on my facebook page, ( tracey walker )

I will post up-date picture of what sewing im doing soon,

Take care all, have a great weekend,


Friday, 12 November 2010

Little China, Elephant, Buttons,

Its been a mad house at home this week, not helped by the wind and rain, last week i had a small roof leak they came out to have a look added some stuff in the gap that the rain was coming though, they said see if that helps and if not will have to renew the seal again,

But after about 5 days i had to call them out again after more rain "Yep" its was coming in at same place again, but due to all damage to other homes around they are very busy and maybe a week before they get round to fixing it,

In between all this i have done some x-stitching on the Elephant and added some of the back stitch as i go along, this helps as there is a fair bit to do on this one, He got his 2nd eye now too, i might have to redo 1 eye as looks a bit odd.

More on little china, around the cats paws and more to the flowers, there is no way this will be done for xmas,

Any ideas what i can do with a load of buttons that is just sitting in a big tin, not sure what to do with them all, ?

Happy Crafting everyone,

Tracey x


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jane and Hexi`s, others bits too.

I do hope everyone had a great Halloween ,
We had a wash out that evening here it rain so heavy just as we was going off trick and treating

Done lots on the little china this past week , the cats paws did stress me out the day i did this i was feeling very tired , just kept making mistake's on them, must have UN-picked at least 3 times till i got it right, , i can see me not getting this done in time for the Christmas present, May try again later today,

Got my hexi quilt out yesterday trying to get ahead with this too, Slow due to all done by hand, but it will be great when done,

Got the Christmas Angel done, i have left the border off as im going to make this into a wall hanging, glad this is done in time for Christmas,

One quilt design i like to do in the future is the Dear Jane quilt, next year start maybe i hope,