Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My x-stitch up-date

I am ment to be resting today which I'm not good at for long, I'm one for getting up and doing things, Reason is I'm getting lots of bad ear ache`s maybe a old dental issue from years back they caught a nerve taking a tooth out, its not a ongoing problem but has bit bit painful last few days.

So it be a good day to get some stitching done which has been lacking in my life.

Can you also remember i had problems with my hands all ways getting sore well i have had some allergy test done and waiting for more, 2 main things is Latex and concrete plus some others too many on list to put down. but now they are under control ( fingers crossed they stay ok for a while or for good )

These are the 3 main stitching projects i have on the go at moment, may look thou my charts to see what small design i can do.